Water Balloons

Spring is slowly taking hold in Edinburgh, so I felt it would be good to take advantage of the sunlight and try some high-speed shooting outdoors. With a friend, Jaclyn, as glamorous assistant, I had a go at an old standard: capturing water balloons just as they burst. Caught at the right moment, the water retains the shape of its now-absent container before collapsing.

Burst 2a
(Flickr set)

It should be noted that sunny in Edinburgh needn’t mean warm… Next time I think it’d be a good idea to fill the balloons with hot water, as after a few soakings with cold water it’s hard to operate the camera! Still, at least the combination of 40fps and pre-record meant that we got the desired capture from each burst, although the shape and positioning wasn’t always ideal (I had hoped the balloons would be more spherical). The skin will end up on the opposite side to the puncture, so perhaps piercing at the bottom is best for a clear shot of the water- we discovered that simply dropping them onto a pin doesn’t work, however.

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